A new Augment app experience just rolled out to everyone globally — update your iOS or Android app to check it out. In addition to a beautiful new interface and simplified navigation, these changes laid the groundwork for advancements to the entire Augment ecosystem. The technology and app improvements are also available for retailers’ e-commerce platforms through the Augment SDK!

We’re always working on making your Augment experience great, so stay tuned for future updates.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Simple design and navigation that streamlines the process of visualizing models
  • Tab bar at the bottom of the screen so you can quickly move between your models, bookmarks, the scanning function, and public galleries
  • Account menu that drops down for access to your local models, history, and Augment Help Center
  • Synchronization display that lets you see the download progress of 3D models on your device
  • Modern public gallery images that make it simple to find the 3D models you want to view in augmented reality
  • Optimized functionality under the hood for even more accurate visualization

We’ve also made the iOS and Android apps look and feel much similar, so there’s no more confusion across devices.

We’re excited for you to see more new features soon. To make sure you have the latest and greatest, update your iOS or Android app!

*You’ll notice that Backgrounds aren’t available in this app version. They’ll be back in the next release, and you won’t lose what you’ve saved. If you need them in the meantime, we recommend waiting to update the Augment app. If you can do without Static Backgrounds for a bit, update your iOS or Android app to check it out.

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