Augment is officially integrated on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. With that, Oracle customers can easily simulate their products in augmented reality anywhere at any time, and remove the guesswork during the sales process to close more deals faster. The Cloud Marketplace gives its partners the opportunity to reach out more audience and enables them to achieve success with trusted and innovative apps.Watch the video to learn more.

Augment is the leading augmented reality as a service solution. Augment enables you to simulate 3D models of your products in the real environment at any time from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.      

With Augment, your salespeople have the ability privately and securely simulate your projects offline through their tablet or smartphone. Your products are accessible anywhere at any time. Work with your clients on site to make more informed decisions about product placement. Augment enables you to iterate faster, test new designs at lightning speed, and resolve compliance concerns on the spot.

Now, Augment’s technology is integrated right into the Oracle Sales Cloud. With all of your products and opportunities already in Oracle, Augment seamlessly connects your opportunities with your physical products. Real-time access to rich 3D models right from the CRM platform streamlines your sales process and accelerates your deal flow. You can engage your customers like never before, closing more deals faster.  Watch the video to learn more.

Key advantages:

  • Simulate scaled merchandising in your customer’s environment in real time
  • Access your full product line at all times
  • Connect all your opportunities to your 3D product models
  • Capture and save your product simulations for later
  • Sync your product simulations to your Oracle opportunities
  • Share your product screen captures with your clients and team

System Requirements:

  • Augment is compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices.iPhone from 4s and up are supported.
  • iPhone from 4s and up are supported.
  • iPad from 2 and up are supported.
  • Android devices from v3.0 (HoneyComb) and up are supported.