Augment is proud to announce the release of our latest eBook, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality and Ecommerce. 

This book is a practical guide to modern retail innovation and how augmented reality will impact online retail. Venture through the milestones of eCommerce, how augmented reality is solving consumer pain points, and how it is already revolutionizing the retail landscape.

What’s Inside?

Following this augmented reality in retail ebook, we will give you everything you need to know about augmented reality in the retail industry and how it impacts to the future of eCommerce, including:


Chapter 1: A Brief History on AR in Retail

  • Retail Giants Leveraging Augmented Reality

Chapter 2: Innovation in Online Retail

  • Milestones of Ecommerce Innovation
  • What’s in Store for the Future of Retail?

Chapter 3: Augmented Reality for Retail

  • The Challenges of AR
  • Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey
  • The Advantages of Augmented Commerce

Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality and Ecommerce