Practical jokes

This guy played a joke on his friends during a party. We’ll let you see it for yourself.  Watch the video.


Upgrading your ride

This Augment user tries out a 3D moto luggage on his motorbike to see how it looks.  At the location where he wants the moto luggage, he fixed an Augment tracker. This tracker stabilizes the model. Moving around his motorbike, he can fully appreciate the new accessory for his ride.


Celebrity models

Celebrity augmented models are entertaining and eye catching.  Show one off during a party, and revel in your friends reactions!


Magic tricks

Who would expect augmented reality in a magic trick?  This magician integrated Augment right into his magic show.


Office shenanigans

At Augment, we love to unwind and have fun playing with our augmented models.  Maybe you’ve already watched this video before, but I think it’s great the second time too.

Augment lets your imagination run wild!

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