By integrating augmented reality into your lectures, you’ll capture the attention of your audience. You will have their undivided attention.

For instance, a teacher in dentistry integrated Augment into his lessons to show 3D models of teeth and how the human jaw works.


Let your audience participate! Students are able to access models on their own devices via Augment’s app.  By viewing augmented models, the students can gain a better understanding of the concepts they are studying.  This is a fun way to engage students and reinforce concepts they’ve seen during class lectures.



Prototypes, physical models, and detailed illustrations and posters are all extremely expensive.  More often than not, schools do not have enough money to buy all the supplementary learning materials they would like.  Further, these learning materials get worn down, lose their relevance, and get misplaced over time.

With Augment, you do not have to invest in physical materials.  Students can access models from any device at any time.  Whether they are at home or in the classroom, your students can study and interact with the course materials.

Academic Medical Augment DentistryHIGHER RETENTION

With a simple a scan, students can access augmented models representing anything from a part of the human anatomy to a famous monument to a molecule.  Also, students can access websites directly from the Augment’s app.  For example after scanning a photo linked with a 3D model of the Eiffel tower and viewing the augmented Eiffel tower, students can go directly to a web page with more information on the famous monument.  This experience creates a complete learning cycle.  Your students will retain more knowledge for a longer period.


Incorporating Augment into your lessons will make your students excited about learning.  Born in the digital era, your students will be continuously stimulated with augmented reality.  They will be excited by new ideas and think critically about the world around them.  

Introducing augmented reality to your students, will enable them to discover unknown passions and inspire their future endeavors.  

Let student imagination runs wild!


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