In the midst of a today’s marketing tactics, the popular print campaigns of the past seemed destined to quietly slip into traditions of the past. Marketing in the information age is much more of an “experience”, thus pushing out former methods that were static and less interactive.

However, by using augmented reality (AR) technology, many large companies are again successfully using print media to create an immersive and engaging interaction with their customers. AR is allowing content to not be held prisoner to paper and screens. Instead, augmented reality technology is leading to more immersive marketing campaigns from forward-thinking brands.

These five companies are among many others who are using AR to bring new life to their print marketing campaigns.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a publication known for its articles and poems, ranging from the deep and creative to the wacky and hilarious. Online access to this, and other popular print publications, was seemingly signaling the decline of customer patronage of the printed magazine.

However, The New Yorker made print fun and interesting once more by making the front and back covers of their printed publication come to life through the camera of a smartphone or tablet. Their idea stemmed from the concept of human imagination that comes into focus when looking at a drawing or photo, imagining what it would like to exist and be right there in the art. AR helped The New Yorker engage their readers in a new way, allowing them to experience the cover art of the publication as if they were there. The campaign undoubtedly had indirect, positive effects, building a great deal of conversation and shares across the internet.


vespa augmented reality - augment

Vespa, a popular Italian scooter company, also livened up their printed magazine ads using AR to help create a more customized and personalized experience for the reader than simply looking at pictures in the ad. Instead, the reader can scan the ad through an app on their smartphone or tablet, and build their own custom scooter from all the options available, including colors, styles, and accessories. The app also pops out GPS directions to the nearest Vespa location if the customer indicates interest in purchasing the scooter they have created.

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volkswagen augmented reality - Augment blog

Volkwagen, a German car mogul, recently incorporated AR capabilities into their print marketing in a huge way: billboards. Advertising the new Beetle, Volkswagen put up billboards in Canada encouraging people to download their new AR-powered app. Once a customer has the AR app, they point it at the billboard, and can watch the new Beetle burst out of the billboard through their phone screen.


lynx AR - augment app

Lynx (Axe in the U.S.) is a cutting edge men’s deodorant and fragrance company known for their saucy ads and marketing. Lynx used AR to make their railway print ads in London more interactive and fun by giving people the opportunity to pose with falling (virtual) angels.

Using an AR app on their smartphone or tablet, people pointed their camera at the ad in the train stations, and an interactive angel appeared on the screen. The campaign spread by word of and made the Lynx brand much more memorable and top-of-mind, compared to before the innovative marketing ploy.


Disney Times Square Augmented reality - Augment app

Disney, the creator of magical children’s movies and theme parks, also implemented a large scale AR print marketing campaign in the middle of Times Square in New York City. Similar to the Linx installation, Disney Parks put up a billboard that came to life with character interactions. People stood on a marked circle, and an AR app was used to project characters onto a big screen. People could interact with these characters by dancing or dueling, for all to watch in Times Square.

Many marketers may have thought print marketing campaigns were fizzling out against the modern, digital competition. However, print ads can still be highly effective and interactive when paired with an AR-powered app.

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