Augmented reality has a multitude of use cases, we’re sure that you’ve heard it all before. Augment focuses on product visualization to provide businesses with the ability to show virtual products in real-time in their real environment. Although there are a few other uses of AR that will likely change everyday life as we know it. Below are 4 ways that AR has the opportunity to change the world in the near future. 

Urban Exploration

pc world - augment app

Augmented reality has always been closely tied to navigation and it is undoubtedly an area that AR will help to improve for through mobile devices and manufactured vehicles. 

AR may completely revamp how we navigate the world, both indoors and outdoors. Imagine seeing directions before you throughout Walmart to find the laundry detergent you were looking for. Navigating the outdoors on-foot will also become greatly improved with AR. New age cars will use AR to paint a clearly depiction of directions without having to look away from the road. Overlaying information along the way with directions that lead you through your very environment is how augmented reality will revolutionize exploration.

Safety and Rescue Operations

AR Daqri Helmet - Augment app

One of the most consistent use cases of augmented reality is in safety and rescue operations. In rescue operations, ideally, first responders will be presented with a detailed overlay of information of the environment. AR could provide a 3D map of the area to equip first responders with the most information possible; bringing a never-before transparency to the scene of the incident.

AR companies like Daqri are focused on assisting on-site manufacturing and construction workers. There’s a dire need for safety in these environments and Daqri’s augmented reality enabled smart helmet, workers see relevant, actionable data where and when they need it.

One of the premiere capabilities of the headset is overlaying augmented work instructions to show workers (live) how something should be fixed or assembled as they’re doing so. This lends itself to many uses within production and manufacturing that would otherwise require multiple steps.


pokemon go - Augment app

Augmented reality is flourishing most through entertainment and that’s not expected to die down anytime soon. Pokemon Go still holds the title for the largest rollout of AR for mass consumption, but with the advancements of forthcoming AR headsets, entertainment is about to explore a tech revolution.

AR headsets like Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, and the Meta 2 are turning our environment into digital interfaces. Magic Leap has demoed how gaming in AR would appear, turning your surroundings into an interactive, gaming landscape. Virtual reality games have proven successful but they set a barrier between the player and reality. AR gaming experiences can add to your own reality, making the gameplay feel much more natural.

Shopping Experiences

IMG_4666The largest impact of AR may land in the retail and omni-commerce space. Innovation in retail is already accelerating and product visualization is the next trend to change the industry forever.

In-store, augmented reality can easily display information and other visuals on packaged items with a simple image scan. AR has been used to show what comes with a packaged product so customers know what to expect.

Online, AR is helping eCommerce shoppers try products at home before they purchase.

Augment is active in allowing customers to try their products in front of them before they make a decision online. In the future, all stores will feature 3D models that can be seen in your very room with a click of a button. See how the lamp you want to buy would look in your living room through AR, or the queen size bed that you don’t think will fit in your bedroom.

AR is set to have a sudden impact both in-store and online for retail merchants.

Have you seen this? 

At Google I/O, one of the surprising products announced was the Google Home speaker, set to compete with the Amazon Echo and other in-home smart devices. Watch as we review the Google Home through augmented reality. Try it now on Augment:

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