While billions of dollars are flowing into the virtual reality business, augmented reality is expected to grow into a $90 billion industry by 2020, according to VR/AR adviser Digi-Capital. AR superimposes graphics over the world around you, rather than closing you off in a completely virtual environment – is making a splash across all industries.

In healthcare, you can find more and more professionals engage with augmented reality to leverage their day to day task. Here we list down 4 benefits that augmented reality has to offer in Healthcare:


1. Marketing to patients and healthcare professionals

AR allows you to invite patients to scan packaging or printed materials to discover the drug’s benefits and mode of action. For example, patients will be able to instantly access the drug description simply by scanning. Step-by-step instructions and guidelines are presented more accurately via augmented reality shown on the mobile device screen. This is a powerful way to resolve the issue since people tend to throw away the packaging or paper description with time.

Augmented reality in healthcare

2. Medical education

You can also leverage augmented brochures to educate doctors on new therapies and drugs. Professors at the dental school, like Dr. Roger Joerger, use Augment for coursework and for practicals to demonstrate dental models to students and to enable students to compare their sculpting to the reference models. Students are now able to easily access the models anytime and anywhere by scanning the custom trackers and see the models pop up immediately. Augmented reality streamlines communications between the professors and students, and further clarifies the images and text found in the textbooks. Provide high-tech and effective trainings to employees via AR or VR wearable devices.

office communication

3. Corporate communication

AR is a great tool for communications. You would be able to engage employees, investors, partners through immersive augmented reality content. It has the ability to go viral and compete with competitors with the engaging marketing content. It will result in higher sales and reaches if this engaging content is presented to the target market.


4. Sales and design reviews

Tons of packaging and display prototypes have to be produced and shipped during the design phase. Prototyping can be extremely costly and time-consuming for both brands and their providers. Still, it is important to well assess the shape, size and look of a product to make a decision. With augmented reality, you no longer have to carry a heavy catalog to present to people, everything is now accessible from your mobile devices.

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