Ever wonder how augmented reality could be integrated into retail industry? And how would it help to streamline your retail merchandising process in a more efficient and affordable way? The retail landscape has already been jam-packed by products and it is cumbersome and costly to make big changes in display and layout without being able to visualize the outcome beforehand. And for the customers, they’re becoming desensitized to traditional marketing methods as well.

Well, there’s never been a better time to spice up your retail business!

More retailers are now taking advantage of the visual dynamic by turning into augmented reality solutions. When people search for products, they tend to gravitate to where their eyes take them. Good news to you. Augment offers you the best technology to help you boost your retail business in both consumer packaged goods and display designs.

Here are 3 examples of how big companies utilize Augment’s technology in their retail businesses:

L'Oreal Professional Salon

1. L’Oréal

L’Oréal Professional has equipped its European sales team with Augment to show hair salon owners display stands for hair care products. L’Oréal sales representatives have the capability to choose a 3D model of their merchandise in Augment’s app. They can then simulate life size products in augmented reality in their customers’ salons.

With this, customers can fully realize the impact of L’Oréal’s merchandise. Augmented reality conveys the visual impact of their products as well as the physical presence in the store environment.

Coca-Cola Germany demonstration

2. Coca-Cola Germany

With Augment linked to its Salesforce based retail execution app, Coca-Cola Germany’s sales representatives have the ability to access their full catalogue of augmented reality coolers offline through their tablet or smartphone anywhere at anytime. With this, they can simulate 3D cooler configurations on-site with their clients and quickly make decisions about product placement. The sales reps are able to take photos of their simulations, which are automatically attached to the right account in Salesforce, to share with their clients.

So, no longer is product size and fit an issue for Coca-Cola Germany’s sales team! This integration is available to all Salesforce users through Augment’s Salesforce1-ready app on the AppExchange. Augment can be directly opened from the Salesforce1 app.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 16.48.40

3.  Dusobox

For over 60 years, Dusobox has designed and created packaging and display solutions for its retail customers. With Augment,they are able to visualize packaging in real time and in the real world environment. They are able to manipulate a model that doesn’t exist yet and place it in multiple places to see what it looks like. Dusobox leverages Augment to iterate faster, test new designs in real stores at lightning speed, and close deals in a more effective way.

PDFs and 2D images give no sense of scale and visual impact in stores. As we can see then, there are a whole host of examples of augmented reality being used in retail with Augment. Retail execs should, at the very least, consider AR as a legitimate option for their marketing and advertising needs if they want to stay ahead of competitors.

Whether it is to sell a product or simply have a little fun, AR is something all brands and retailers need to be taking note of.

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