Augment on the Road

Augment is hitting the road -- or the sky it seems -- this fall to exhibit and speak about the latest in augmented reality and how you as a retailer, manufacturer, or educator can get started incorporating it into your work. Come stop by and say 'hi' LSA Retail Tech Forum When: September 12, 2017 [...]

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3 Innovative Retail Technologies You Can’t Miss

The modern retail industry is in a state of a paradox. On one side, online shopping is growing tremendously. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar retail is still very much part of the shopper's journey. According to 2016 report of International Council of Shopping Centers, 89% of the consumers opted to shop at stores with both a physical store [...]

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Governments Investing in AR & VR for Education

Forcasted to be a $108 billion industry by 2021, VR/AR is expected to infiltrate across industries and many are continuing to realize the impact and value mixed reality technologies will have on our society in the near future. More so now with the recent announcements by Facebook and Snapchat to add AR functionalities to their platforms. One impacted [...]

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The 3 biggest challenges for augmented reality

AR evolved over the past year, but it still faces several hurdles before it is widely adopted Credit: Thinkstock Until the massive success of Pokémon Go in 2016 when augmented reality (AR) was catapulted into the public’s consciousness, AR was overshadowed by its cousin, virtual reality (VR). Many were more optimistic about the [...]

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Webinar Preview: 2 Ways You Can Go Beyond Beacons and Into Intelligence

Read ShopAdvisor's original blog post, here. Beacons and geofencing have laid the foundation for making proximity marketing campaigns work. This past year alone, over 13 million beacons have been used to help retail marketers connect a consumer’s phone near and in stores. While these tiny sensors have been an important component of a proximity marketing campaign, [...]

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What Facebook’s Announcement Really Means for AR

In case you missed it, Facebook announced at its F8 developers' conference a new augmented reality platform. On stage, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated how the mobile camera could seamlessly integrate 3D objects in the real world, adding effects through a camera tool in the Facebook app. His demonstration highlighted Facebook’s use of advanced [...]

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The Continuing Evolution of Technology in the Classroom: Past, Present, and Future

Technological advancements have shaped each and every aspect of our lifestyles: from how we communicate to how we work to how we entertain ourselves. Education is no exception in this matter. The way we teach and the way we learn have come a long way as new innovations are introduced and adapted to the [...]

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3 Reasons Online Merchants Fail to Convert

One of the most serious obstacles that online merchants face today is the low conversion rate. In spite of the multiple benefits of online shopping, conversion rates for the same average around 3%.  Whereas that for brick and mortar shops hovers around 30%. Online conversion rates vary with industry, geographic region, device, holiday seasons, etc. [...]

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3 Best Mobile App Practices

Contributed by guest author Brian Rees, a media relations representative for Newnex. Websites are critical for attracting customers, but a newer technology presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach out: mobile apps. Launching a mobile app shows your company cares about providing convenience for your customers, and it is a great channel to reach to potential customers. [...]

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3 Principles of Digital Decision Making in Retail

Today, we are inundated with information 24/7.  From push notifications to email alerts to text messages, consumers are being pulled in a million different directions. With all of this information at our fingertips, it can actually be more difficult for us to make decisions.  Social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister coined this “decision fatigue” — a [...]

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The Real Cost of Returns for Retailers

The emergence of online commerce has given shoppers the benefits of anytime-anywhere shopping and doorstep delivery. In a race to outperform the competition and increase the customer’s lifetime value, retailers are raining discounts and offering incentives like hassle free-returns. Photo credit: WSJ Returns Come at a Cost to Retailers However, free returns are cutting [...]

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5 Questions with Augment’s CEO & Co-Founder Jean-Francois Chianetta

Want to hear more from JF? Join us for a live Twitter Q&A on April 12th at 11am ET. Follow us on Twitter to learn more!   Read the full video transcript below. Lindsay:  One of the biggest questions that comes up is ‘what’s the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?’. [...]

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Getting to know Thomas Flynn, 3D Digitization Expert for Museums Part 2

Earlier this month, we released the first part of our interview with Thomas Flynn to learn about his past experiences and his thoughts on innovation in the museum setting. Here, we continue to chat with Tom to hear more about his thoughts specifically on 3D digitization in museums and what an institution can do with that 3D data.  [...]

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Augment Opens Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Augment Expands Global Footprint, Bringing Augmented Reality Platform to Retailers & Manufacturers Across Latin America Augment – the leader in augmented reality retail solutions – announced that it will be expanding its offering to retailers and brands throughout Latin America.  To kick off the expansion, Augment will be opening its first sales office in the region [...]

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Customer Spotlight: Fabindia Lets Shoppers Visualize Furniture in their Homes with Augmented Reality

Prior to implementing Augment, the interior design studio team at Fabindia worked with customers by selecting furniture from catalogs and creating room layouts, but they faced the challenge of helping their clients visualize what their space would look like before they purchased the furniture. Fabindia wanted to work with its customers in innovative ways [...]

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Augmented Reality Dictionary: 5 Terms You Need to Know

Need to keep up with the trends and technologies making an impact in today? We’ve got you covered. Augment's dictionary keeps you up to date with all the terms, concepts, and trends that are powering AR innovation. Augmented Commerce: The buying and selling of goods online using augmented reality to visualize products virtually in the real-world [...]

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Add Augmented Reality to Your Shopify Store

If a picture is worth a thousand words (or a thousand online sales, in eCommerce), then what is an interactive, 3D augmented reality experience of a product worth on your Shopify store? You know product images are essential for your online store. Shoppers have come to expect stellar images. The difference between mediocre and high-quality, [...]

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The Top Examples of AR in Retail

Augmented Reality became a household term ever since PokemonGo was launched in July 2016 and had everyone raving about it. But in fact AR is not new. AR has been used in different ways for almost a decade across a myriad of industries. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not obstruct the view of our own surroundings, but rather, [...]

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Getting to know Thomas Flynn, 3D Digitization Expert for Museums, Part 1

On Wednesday March 8th, Augment will be presenting at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas about the use of augmented reality in museums and cultural heritage institutions. The talk, “Bringing History to Life with Augmented Reality”, will take a look 3D digitisation in museums and how augmented reality can give these digital artefacts a life beyond [...]

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Apple and Augmented Reality

Apple is all set to enter the Augmented Reality sector. According to common speculations, we could have an AR-enabled iPhone released late this year. CEO Tim Cook has publicly made several comments about Augmented Reality and even went further to express his preference of AR over VR. He mentioned that unlike VR, AR does not [...]

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