Make your products accessible in augmented reality by joining the Augment Product Database.  

Augment is the leader in augmented reality (AR) product visualization, offering technology that allows brands to showcase their products in an ultra-realistic way.

Consumers can try products at home before buying through any app or website with Augment’s SDK integration. Tapping the visualization button on a smartphone or tablet launches the AR viewer, displaying a realistic rendering of the product in the customer’s environment in real time, at scale.

Why is it so important to support your products with 3D models?

It’s no secret that eCommerce is quickly becoming dominated by mobile. Consumers want to be able to access product images and information in easily accessible, realistic ways. Static images and video clips aren’t enough. The evolution of product visualization and innovations in mobile technology have made augmented reality commerce (aCommerce) the perfect fit.

We optimize and syndicate 3D models that give products maximum exposure online and offline.

Augment configures high quality, industry standard 3D models and hosts the content. We syndicate the 3D models to retailers’ ecommerce mobile apps and websites where they’re viewed in augmented reality. Retail store associates also use Augment to showcase SKUs that aren’t available in store alongside physical products for convenient comparison. All we need from you is your existing 3D models or product specifications and images.

Augment Product Database

Augment Product Database Key Benefits

Driving Business Results

40% would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality

72% have purchased items that they weren’t planning on because of augmented reality

Over 2 million Augment app downloads

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