Project Description

How Dusobox streamlines its POP display design and sales process with Augment

augmented reality packaging Dusobox

For over 60 years, Dusobox has designed and created total packaging and display solutions for its retail customers. In order to stay in line with technology and to meet customer expectations, Dusobox has partnered with the augmented reality app Augment.

With Augment, Dusobox has the capability to visualize packaging in real time in the real world environment. The technology allows customers to make more informed decisions about product placement. Dusobox packaging specialist, Jason Hays says, “There is something magical about our customers being able to manipulate a model that doesn’t exist yet and place it in multiple places to see what it looks like.” Dusobox leverages Augment to iterate faster, test new designs in real stores at lightning speed, and close deals in a more efficient way.

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