You can either share your 3D models from Augment manager or from your mobile device.
The recipient should also have installed the free Augment app, but does not need to have an Augment account to view the model.

From your mobile device

1. Open the Augment app.
2. Log in into your account.
3. Select a model.
4. Click on “Share” in the toolbar at the bottom.
5. Select to share via email, Twitter, Facebook… then enter the recipient and send.

6. It will forward the link to the intended recipient.
7. Have the recipient click on the link, their Augment App will open the model directly.

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From Augment manager

1. Log in to Augment Manager with your credentials.
2. Click on “My Models” and “All Models”.
3. You can see all the models that were previously added.
4. Select your model.
5. On the model, click on the share option.




6. You will then have multiple choices :

  • share on social networks (ie. Facebook or Twitter)
  • share by email
  • share with a link : click on the icon and copy-paste the link