Sharing a 3D model through an interactive print (custom tracker)

With printed documents (called “custom trackers”), anyone can use Augment to scan your image and view your 3D model on top of it. It’s a perfect feature to create interactive brochures, catalogs, flyers, displays, etc.. How efficient would it be to give away a flyer at a tradeshow ? Your customers would have something to [...]

Sharing your 3D models

While using Augment you might want to share your 3D models with customers or friends. First, you have to tell them to download the free Augment app. Read the articles below to see how to share a single model, a folder, a printed document or a QR code ! These few steps will be used [...]

Sharing a single model by email with a URL

You can either share your 3D models from Augment manager or from your mobile device. The recipient should also have installed the free Augment app, but does not need to have an Augment account to view the model. From your mobile device 1. Open the Augment app. 2. Log in into your account. 3. Select [...]

Sharing a folder of 3D models with another Augment account

Sharing a folder allows you to easily collaborate with your customers and colleagues with Augment, and stay on the same page. You can only share a folder from Augment Manager, but once shared, the folder will be present in the recipient’s Augment app as well. Recipients accessing a folder shared with them need an Augment [...]

Sharing with QR code

Unfortunately you will not be able to use QR codes as permanent trackers (i.e printed documents) as there will be a conflict since Augment already issues QR codes. Also, the QR codes issued by Augment are only valid for 24hours after being created. That is the reason why it will not scan a few days later, [...]