Using Augment with Salesforce

Configuring Salesforce for Augment  1- Connect Augment Account to Salesforce by entering your username and password, and then clicking “Submit” on the Configure Augment Instruction Page in Salesforce. a) If you don’t have an Augment account, click on the link to create an account. Configure Augment Instruction Page in Salesforce 2-Select “Open Page Layout” on [...]

FAQ : Pricing, white-label apps, SDK, academic license etc…

Does Augment develop white-label apps? Can Augment work with Google glass / Oculus Rift / Google cardboard headset? Does Augment have a SDK to embed it in my own mobile app? Does Augment do custom AR app ? Does Augment have an academic license? Can I get a discount? Do my customers need to subscribe [...]