Augment Desktop Video Tutorials

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Augment Desktop Overview

Augment Desktop is a software product that revolutionizes the way you preview, edit, and upload 3D models to the cloud. Augment Desktop allows you to preview and improve 3D models specifically for Augment. Its user-friendly interface enables 3D designers of all levels to: configure models so viewers can change the model's color and appearance in the [...]

Interface Overview

Augment Desktop's editor window is made up of tabbed panels which can be rearranged, grouped, detached, and docked. This means the look of the editor can be different from one project to the next, and one designer to the next, depending on personal preference and what type of work you are doing. Reorganize the windows by holding the [...]


Top Toolbar The top toolbar is comprised of the File and View menus, and six buttons.   File Menu Open (Ctrl+O) - locate your model on your computer and open in Augment Desktop Upload (Ctrl+U) - upload your model to Augment New Window (Ctrl+N) - open a second window to preview and edit another model (you can [...]

Opening a Model

The zipped file must be one of the following formats: zip - containing a 3D format file and textures (and MTL file for an ojb file) kmz - containing a dae file and textures   You may also upload any of the following formats: dae obj stl 3ds blend dxf ply prj Learn more about [...]

Editing Features

Edit Colors When no texture is assigned to the model, the color controls the material parameter. Diffuse = material color To set the color, click on the Diffuse box to open the color selection window. Choose from the selection of basic colors or pick a color from anywhere on your screen. You can also create your [...]

Configuring Multiple Material Options

Augment Desktop enables you to create multiple material choices for the same object. This allows the viewer to select and change materials in the Augment app for your entire model or specific elements that you designate.     Click on the green plus sign in the top sub-panel of the Material window to create a second material which [...]

Triggering Animations

To use the animation window and edit your animation, you will first need to create the model animation in your 3D software. When you open the animated model in Augment Desktop, the default animation plays automatically in a loop. A diagram representing the animation appears in the animation window.     Animation Diagrams Animation diagrams [...]

Uploading Models to Augment

Once you've finalized your model in Augment Desktop, upload your model to your Augment account. Click “Upload” in the top toolbar (second icon). Enter your Augment username and password to log in to your account. In the Upload window enter the name of your model and select a privacy setting. Click Upload. Warnings for your model may appear, [...]

Augment Desktop FAQs

Where can I download Augment Desktop?   Are there any computer requirements to run Augment Desktop? Windows: Graphic Card - Augment Desktop is not compatible with older ATI graphic cards If needed, download and install the free extraction software, 7-Zip, to extract the Augment Desktop software. Mac: Augment Desktop is only compatible with [...]