Adding a 3D model

General 3D guidelines : read about specs and requirements to add 3D models to Augment as well what type of animations Augment accepts.   Adding a 3D model manually : see the simple steps to follow and add 3D models on the Augment Manager.   Adding a 3D model from Augment Desktop : preview and [...]

3D models : requirements and limitations

3D model limitations Polygon count File size Materials Lighting Texture formats supported Texture size limit Transparency Limitation - Triangles sorting Limitation - Elements sorting Z-fighting Missing capabilities 3D model limitations Your mobile device is not as powerful as a professional computer. Your 3D model needs to abide by certain guidelines in terms of total polygon [...]

Adding a 3D model manually

From the Augment Manager, to add a model manually, you need to: 1. Log into your account on Augment Manager, then select “All models” on the left hand side menu   2. You can add a model by: Either dragging and dropping the zip file containing your model(+textures +mtl) Or opting to browse for your [...]

Adding local 3D models (no Augment server required)

Adding 3D models locally does not require to upload them on the Augment servers. This feature is useful for highly sensitive projects Note: without a paid subscription with Augment, you will not be able to open a local model. iOS devices                         Android devices Add local [...]