If you have Modo or 3DSMax we recommand to import your solidworks file into them Modo has better integration tool.     Or you can try this plugin to export your model in OBJ.  


You can export Obj file from inventor. you can use that format to upload on the Augment Manganer.

Plugins and preferred export formats

We have developed a few plugins for Augment. Using them will allow you to export your models easily. If you don't want to use the plugin, or if we don't have a plugin for your software, please find here the preferred formats to get the best experience with Augment ! Software name Preferred export format [...]

3DS Max

Exporting with the plugin Old version plugin Exporting manually Reduce the polygon count Current plugin Get the plugin now Installation 1> download the zip file above 2> copy the files to the target location c:/Users/<userMame>/AppData/Local/Autodesk/3dsMax/<3dsMax Version>/ENU 3> go to Customize -> Customize User Insterface 4 > check for the augment plugin the Toolbars tab then [...]

3DS Max : Adding Reflection

Using reflectivity with the plugin Adding reflection manually Using reflectivity with the plugin 1. When you create a 3D model,  you assign it standard materials (blinn, phong, lambert). 2. Open the Augment plugin by clicking on the Augment logo. 3. In the pulgin's "Shadder" tab, click on "Reflections". If the object appears in light blue, [...]


Exporting with the plugin Exporting manually with Blender Reduce Polygon count The plugin works on both Mac and PC. Blender doesn't support Cycles Render, please use Blender internal renderer. Get the plugin now Installing the Blender plugin   Exporting a model manually from Blender   1- In the viewport of Blender, go to the [...]


If you export manually via Sketchup, it is recommended to use KMZ format.  The Sketchup plugin* works on both Mac and PC. Get the plugin now or from the SketchUP Extension Warehouse *please note that our current plugin is compatible with Sketchup up to the 2016 version. Installing and using the SketchUp plugin: - Download [...]


We currently don't have our own Revit exporter You can use Inglegreen plugin to export your scene in obj Then zip the OBJ, MTL and maps and import on Augment.


Exporting manually with Rhino V5 To export your 3D model as an .obj file: Select File > Export. Choose your directory and file name and set those options : In the following screen, assure you that you have the same options set : Zip the .obj, .mtl and texture files and upload the .zip file [...]

Cinema 4D

Exporting using the Augment plugin Manual export from Cinema 4D Reduce Polygon count in Cinema 4D Get the plugin now Exporting with the Cinema 4D Plugin The Cinema 4D (also called "C4D") plugin works for both Mac and PC. If you have cinema 4D R18 please try our new plugin and send us feed [...]