Where can I download Augment Desktop?



Are there any computer requirements to run Augment Desktop?


  • Graphic Card – Augment Desktop is not compatible with older ATI graphic cards
  • If needed, download and install the free extraction software, 7-Zip http://www.7-zip.org, to extract the Augment Desktop software.


  • Augment Desktop is only compatible with the latest operating system. Once you’ve installed this version, you should be able to launch Augment Desktop.


Can I save my work in Augment Desktop or export it to my computer?

Yes. To save your changes, click the Upload button. If you are not yet ready to upload your model to Augment, simply close the upload window.

When clicking Upload, a .agmat file appears in the folder of your model if you modified the materials. A .aganim file will also appear in the folder if you modified the animation. These files save your edits – do not delete them.


Will I still have access to Augment Desktop after my free trial?

Yes. Augment Desktop is available to all Augment users, regardless of your plan.


Can I “undo” changes?

You can revert back to original materials by right clicking the material and selecting Properties > Restore Original Material.