In many cases, augmented reality (AR) has been considered a novel idea but beyond the hype of Pokemon Go and Snapchat, the engaging experience of AR can actually lead to business. CBT, a world-wide architecture and design firm, recently used Augment to leverage AR in a very different arena.

CBT is a 49-year-old firm working nationally and internationally on projects that span urban district master planning, large-scale mixed-use developments, multi-family residential, corporate workplace, hospitality, civic, and academic design. In nearly 50 years of practice, CBT has played an important role designing spaces and shaping environments at all scales.

This year, CBT powered their presence at Boston’s HUBweek with the help of Augment.

CBT Architects using Augment

Founded by The Boston Globe, MIT, and Harvard University, HUBweek is a festival of civic innovation, celebrating art, science, and technology. As part of this week-long event, CBT curated a pavilion that explored Boston’s current and future housing needs by daylighting five design ideas for the city in their exhibit “Housing the HUB.”

This interactive exhibit integrated daily discussions by community leaders and civic representatives, special events, and AR technology to engage visitors at the pavilion. Augment was an integral tool in delivering an innovative, creative, and memorable experience for Housing the HUB.

Mitch Bush a Senior Designer at CBT, shared how Augment enhanced their HUBweek exhibit:

“We printed business cards with an illustration of the pavilion we built, which served as a digital tracker. When the cards were scanned with Augment’s app, a 3D model of our pavilion—including all curated content—would pop-up on the phone, allowing the user to explore the pavilion from all angles at their own fingertips. It was a big hit at the pavilion—a great catalyst for conversation and a fun take-away for visitors.”

Mimicking their own physical pavilion, CBT created a permanent, virtual pavilion that visitors can return to long after the exhibit ends.

CBT is no stranger to innovation —the firm regularly uses VR and AR  with clients as a presentation and design communication tool. This makes their use of Augment at HUBweek all the more impactful, affirming Augment’s process and software contributed to their successful campaign.

CBT was confident in saying they got the ROI they were hoping for. They commented on the ease of use, stating the upload process and software was simple to navigate and manage. AR proved a great conversation tool, and it helped CBT generate interest and excitement about their exhibit and the ideas behind them.  

CBT Architects for Augment

Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer at CBT, stated that “Designers are continuing to explore the use of Augment in their project and design process. As augmented reality continues its progress in various verticals, businesses will become more open to using AR’s full software suite throughout the entire product chain.”

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