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3 Principles of Digital Decision Making in Retail

Today, we are inundated with information 24/7.  From push notifications to email alerts to text messages, consumers are being pulled in a million different directions. With all of this information at our fingertips, it can actually be more difficult for us to make decisions.  Social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister coined this “decision fatigue” — a [...]

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The Top Examples of AR in Retail

Augmented Reality became a household term ever since PokemonGo was launched in July 2016 and had everyone raving about it. But in fact AR is not new. AR has been used in different ways for almost a decade across a myriad of industries. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not obstruct the view of our own surroundings, but rather, [...]

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Apple and Augmented Reality

Apple is all set to enter the Augmented Reality sector. According to common speculations, we could have an AR-enabled iPhone released late this year. CEO Tim Cook has publicly made several comments about Augmented Reality and even went further to express his preference of AR over VR. He mentioned that unlike VR, AR does not [...]

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How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey

This is an excerpt from our eBook, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality in Retail ---------- It isn’t rare for a customer to start shopping in one channel and end up purchasing through another. A true omnichannel retail approach is about creating a customer experience that is seamless across all mediums. Augmented reality is helping [...]

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The Advantages of Augmented Commerce

This article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality and Ecommerce It isn’t rare for a customer to start shopping in one channel and end up purchasing through another. A true omnichannel retail approach is about creating a customer experience that is seamless across all mediums. Augmented reality is [...]

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Mixed Reality: The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality?

The competition between augmented reality and virtual reality is usually discussed by the business potential of the two technologies, yet their endgame has always been one common goal: mixed reality. This is a conversation that’s been discussed before but has anyone ever analyzed the practical uses of AR and VR and which will benefit the [...]

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AR in Ecommerce: 3 Ways Augmented Reality is Benefitting Retailers and Shoppers

Aside from catching Pokemon and the face masking filters of Snapchat, augmented reality is providing a true and apparent value in eCommerce. You’ve heard this before, but do you know why AR’s place in retail is truly the ideal synergy? Augmented reality is helping to bridge the gap by bringing a tangible presence to online [...]

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What’s Next? The Biggest Augmented Reality Trends of 2017

AR headsets Microsoft Hololens is currently leading the AR headset race, if there is such a competition. Hololens is simply extraordinary as far as its capabilities as a working head mounted display. Despite the bigger players in the space, Magic Leap for example, Hololens has been consistent in their development and distribution. 2017 we can [...]

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How CBT Leverages Augment for Marketing at HUBweek

In many cases, augmented reality (AR) has been considered a novel idea but beyond the hype of Pokemon Go and Snapchat, the engaging experience of AR can actually lead to business. CBT, a world-wide architecture and design firm, recently used Augment to leverage AR in a very different arena. CBT is a 49-year-old firm working [...]

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Top 10 Products to Buy on Cyber Monday in Augmented Reality

Given Augment's presence in retail, it was only right that we chimed in on Cyber Monday. This past week is one of the most active for both retail merchants and shoppers. Whether it's time to buy gifts for the holidays or you're catching up on your wish list, there are tons of deals available online on [...]

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How VR and AR Have Changed Online Shopping For Good

In recent years, e-commerce has seen considerable success and is now, by and large, an integral part of our lifestyles. In fact, in 2015, online shopping giant Amazon eclipsed the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, in terms of valuation. Given the convenience of online shopping, the many available choices and the unbelievable discounts, it is still surprising [...]

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5 Mobile Apps Every Retail Executive Should Have

Clearly, managing a retail store unaided is an unfathomable job, and that’s where technology comes in. Between employee management, inventory management, creating sale reports, scheduling shifts, the store is also expected to perform amazingly on the customer experience front. Isn’t it too much to ask for? We are living in the "mobile age" and doing [...]

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The Biggest Augmented Reality Milestones of 2016

Though virtual reality was expected to explode this year, it was augmented reality that charted the most impressive achievements. From advances in AR innovation to strategic moves toward mainstream adoption, augmented reality has been the topic at hand, online and at our fingertips. Below is a list of the biggest breakthroughs in augmented reality in [...]

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Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality for Architects?

We are at the tip of the iceberg for what augmented reality and virtual reality can do for AEC professionals. With that, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are essentially on the same spectrum. They exist on a continuum – on one end you have virtual reality, on the other end you have the [...]

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What if Jet.com Used Augmented Reality?

Innovation in eCommerce is coming quick and often. When it comes to eCommerce, tailoring the buyer’s journey can make all of the difference between an abandoned cart and a repeat, loyal customer.  Walmart recently announced their decision to acquire Jet.com, which would add a valuable eCommerce and distribution arm to the retailer powerhouse. Walmart announced that it [...]

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5 Print Campaigns That Used Augmented Reality

In the midst of a today’s marketing tactics, the popular print campaigns of the past seemed destined to quietly slip into traditions of the past. Marketing in the information age is much more of an “experience”, thus pushing out former methods that were static and less interactive. However, by using augmented reality (AR) technology, many [...]

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You Can Thank Augmented Reality for Pokemon Go

If you’ve seen someone eagerly glued to their smartphone while walking, with airy music playing in the background, then they’re likely playing Pokemon Go. The new app has everyone using their phones like metal detectors and the fandom is growing by the second. Before Pokemon Go, Snapchat was the last to ignite such a reaction [...]

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Did Sports Pave the Way for Augmented Reality?

As much as augmented reality (AR) is said to be early in its development and adoption, it has been surprisingly active within professional sports. That’s right, AR has been widely implemented across the NBA, NFL, and MLB, aiding sports fans across the globe the subtlest of fashion. The masses may approach AR as if it [...]

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How Product Visualization is the Future of Retail Innovation [Whitepaper]

With the rise of relentless competition in the consumer goods industry, the separating factor rests in how well teams work with one another. Innovative technology has ultimately revolutionized the process of retail execution through streamlined communication. New age POS systems have accurately found ways for teams to collaborate in a variety of areas - merchandising, [...]

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Jean-François Chianetta Speaks at Inside Intercom – Paris Startup Panel

Augment's CEO, Jean-François Chianetta, joined Intercom on their Inside Intercom World Tour. At their Paris pit stop they brought on three founders to speak about the Paris startup community and the challenges and advantages in each of their respective industries. Our CEO spoke about a few lessons he's learned through Augment's growth and how he's handling [...]

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