Customer Spotlight: Fabindia Lets Shoppers Visualize Furniture in their Homes with Augmented Reality

Prior to implementing Augment, the interior design studio team at Fabindia worked with customers by selecting furniture from catalogs and creating room layouts, but they faced the challenge of helping their clients visualize what their space would look like before they purchased the furniture. Fabindia wanted to work with its customers in innovative ways [...]

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Augmented Reality Dictionary: 5 Terms You Need to Know

Need to keep up with the trends and technologies making an impact in today? We’ve got you covered. Augment's dictionary keeps you up to date with all the terms, concepts, and trends that are powering AR innovation. Augmented Commerce: The buying and selling of goods online using augmented reality to visualize products virtually in the real-world [...]

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Add Augmented Reality to Your Shopify Store

If a picture is worth a thousand words (or a thousand online sales, in eCommerce), then what is an interactive, 3D augmented reality experience of a product worth on your Shopify store? You know product images are essential for your online store. Shoppers have come to expect stellar images. The difference between mediocre and high-quality, [...]

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The Top Examples of AR in Retail

Augmented Reality became a household term ever since PokemonGo was launched in July 2016 and had everyone raving about it. But in fact AR is not new. AR has been used in different ways for almost a decade across a myriad of industries. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not obstruct the view of our own surroundings, but rather, [...]

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Getting to know Thomas Flynn, 3D Digitization Expert for Museums

On Wednesday March 8th, Augment will be presenting at SXSWedu in Austin, Texas about the use of augmented reality in museums and cultural heritage institutions. The talk, “Bringing History to Life with Augmented Reality”, will take a look 3D digitisation in museums and how augmented reality can give these digital artefacts a life beyond [...]

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Apple and Augmented Reality

Apple is all set to enter the Augmented Reality sector. According to common speculations, we could have an AR-enabled iPhone released late this year. CEO Tim Cook has publicly made several comments about Augmented Reality and even went further to express his preference of AR over VR. He mentioned that unlike VR, AR does not [...]

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How Augmented Reality is Engaging the Millennial Buyer

The “Millennial” word associates itself with a “futuristic” time – more digital, more fancy and more tech savvy. So, who is a Millennial? Millennials are the people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s and currently, this generation is known as the powerful purchasing population, alongside Gen Z. In the U.S. itself, this [...]

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How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Buyer’s Journey

This is an excerpt from our eBook, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality in Retail ---------- It isn’t rare for a customer to start shopping in one channel and end up purchasing through another. A true omnichannel retail approach is about creating a customer experience that is seamless across all mediums. Augmented reality is helping [...]

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It’s here! Grab our new ebook on Augmented Reality in Retail

Augment is proud to announce the release of our latest eBook, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality and Ecommerce.  This book is a practical guide to modern retail innovation and how augmented reality will impact online retail. Venture through the milestones of eCommerce, how augmented reality is solving consumer pain points, and how it is [...]

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Visualize Small Products in Augmented Reality with a Dollar Bill

If you have cash in your wallet, you have all you need to visualize small products in augmented reality with Augment. A recent Augment update makes it possible for USD, euros, and pesos to serve as augmented reality trackers. USD bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 Euro notes: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€ Pesos: $20, [...]

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The Advantages of Augmented Commerce

This article is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, Foundations and Future of Augmented Reality and Ecommerce It isn’t rare for a customer to start shopping in one channel and end up purchasing through another. A true omnichannel retail approach is about creating a customer experience that is seamless across all mediums. Augmented reality is [...]

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Euroshop Exhibitors: A Quick Guide to Visiting Augment

The countdown is on for Euroshop 2017, the world’s leading retail fair, in Dusseldorf, Germany from March 5-9.  There are over 6,000 Euroshop exhibitors from around the world, and for the first time, Augment will be a Euroshop exhibitor. Euroshop covers all things retail from visual merchandising and POP marketing to retail technology, which is [...]

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Mixed Reality: The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality?

The competition between augmented reality and virtual reality is usually discussed by the business potential of the two technologies, yet their endgame has always been one common goal: mixed reality. This is a conversation that’s been discussed before but has anyone ever analyzed the practical uses of AR and VR and which will benefit the [...]

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AR in Ecommerce: 3 Ways Augmented Reality is Benefitting Retailers and Shoppers

Aside from catching Pokemon and the face masking filters of Snapchat, augmented reality is providing a true and apparent value in eCommerce. You’ve heard this before, but do you know why AR’s place in retail is truly the ideal synergy? Augmented reality is helping to bridge the gap by bringing a tangible presence to online [...]

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Launch 3D Models in Augmented Reality from Your Website with the Augment Button – Now Live!

Today we’re rolling out a new feature for all users - the Augment Button - that lets you easily add augmented reality capability to any website by inserting generated HTML code. The Augment Button is connected to a 3D model in your Augment account. You can embed a button on any website, from eCommerce sites to [...]

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Augmented Reality’s Position in E-Commerce

The future of retail, specifically eCommerce, lies in creating an online shopping experience that accommodates consumers with the same perks of shopping in-store. Online shopping has been a hotbed for retail innovation but it pales in comparison to how products will be bought online in the near future through augmented reality.  Augmented reality in the [...]

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The Retail Trends of Tomorrow: An Interview with ShopAdvisor

Omnichannel ﹣ ever heard of it? If you exist in today's retail atmosphere it’s our industry's hottest buzzword. By definition, Omnichannel means creating a seamless and consistent retail experience across all channels, both online and offline. Merging the digital and physical presence in retail may be top-of-mind for both retailers and brands, very few platforms [...]

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What Does Amazon Go Mean for the Future of Retail?

What is Amazon Go? Amazon Go is a new kind of a retail outlet, where you enter the store, buy what you need to and just walk out. Yes, it’s that simple. Amazon has named it ‘Just walk out shopping’ experience. The store is currently limited to groceries and ready-to-eat foods. Amazon Go is in [...]

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Augment App for iOS and Android Gets a Refresh

A new Augment app experience just rolled out to everyone globally -- update your iOS or Android app to check it out. In addition to a beautiful new interface and simplified navigation, these changes laid the groundwork for advancements to the entire Augment ecosystem. The technology and app improvements are also available for retailers' e-commerce platforms [...]

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Christmas, The Superbowl of Retail: Top Trends to Watch For

The fourth quarter is the make-or-break season for many retailers. The sales in this shopping season account for more than 30% of the yearly volume of sales for numerous retailers and this holds especially true in the case of brands that specialize in gifting accessories or luxury brands. This shopping spree doesn’t see a slower [...]

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