AR in Ecommerce: 3 Ways Augmented Reality is Benefitting Retailers and Shoppers

Aside from catching Pokemon and the face masking filters of Snapchat, augmented reality is providing a true and apparent value in eCommerce. You’ve heard this for sure, but do you know why AR’s place in retail is truly the ideal synergy? Augmented reality is helping to bridge the gap by bringing a tangible presence to [...]

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Launch 3D Models in Augmented Reality from Your Website with the Augment Button – Now Live!

Today we’re rolling out a new feature for all users - the Augment Button - that lets you easily add augmented reality capability to any website by inserting generated HTML code. The Augment Button is connected to a 3D model in your Augment account. You can embed a button on any website, from eCommerce sites to [...]

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Augmented Reality’s Position in E-Commerce

The future of retail, specifically eCommerce, lies in creating an online shopping experience that accommodates consumers with the same perks of shopping in-store. Online shopping has been a hotbed for retail innovation but it pales in comparison to how products will be bought online in the near future through augmented reality.  Augmented reality in the [...]

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The Retail Trends of Tomorrow: An Interview with ShopAdvisor

Omnichannel ﹣ ever heard of it? If you exist in today's retail atmosphere it’s our industry's hottest buzzword. By definition, Omnichannel means creating a seamless and consistent retail experience across all channels, both online and offline. Merging the digital and physical presence in retail may be top-of-mind for both retailers and brands, very few platforms [...]

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What Does Amazon Go Mean for the Future of Retail?

What is Amazon Go? Amazon Go is a new kind of a retail outlet, where you enter the store, buy what you need to and just walk out. Yes, it’s that simple. Amazon has named it ‘Just walk out shopping’ experience. The store is currently limited to groceries and ready-to-eat foods. Amazon Go is in [...]

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Augment App for iOS and Android Gets a Refresh

A new Augment app experience just rolled out to everyone globally -- update your iOS or Android app to check it out. In addition to a beautiful new interface and simplified navigation, these changes laid the groundwork for advancements to the entire Augment ecosystem. The technology and app improvements are also available for retailers' e-commerce platforms [...]

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Christmas, The Superbowl of Retail: Top Trends to Watch For

The fourth quarter is the make-or-break season for many retailers. The sales in this shopping season account for more than 30% of the yearly volume of sales for numerous retailers and this holds especially true in the case of brands that specialize in gifting accessories or luxury brands. This shopping spree doesn’t see a slower [...]

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What’s Next? The Biggest Augmented Reality Trends of 2017

AR headsets Microsoft Hololens is currently leading the AR headset race, if there is such a competition. Hololens is simply extraordinary as far as its capabilities as a working head mounted display. Despite the bigger players in the space, Magic Leap for example, Hololens has been consistent in their development and distribution. 2017 we can [...]

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How CBT Leverages Augment for Marketing at HUBweek

In many cases, augmented reality (AR) has been considered a novel idea but beyond the hype of Pokemon Go and Snapchat, the engaging experience of AR can actually lead to business. CBT, a world-wide architecture and design firm, recently used Augment to leverage AR in a very different arena. CBT is a 49-year-old firm working [...]

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Power your Holiday Marketing with Augmented Reality

Buying gifts for the holidays is tough, simply because you don’t want to give the gift that everyone else has given. This same fear is what brands go through every holiday season. Setting yourself apart during the month of December can be tough for companies who are looking to stand out on the shelves this Christmas.  [...]

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The Biggest Milestones of Ecommerce History

From online reviews to augmented reality, Ecommerce has done a full 360. Imagine a world without online shopping and transactions. Instead, you would have to go to a conventional brick and mortar stores, get recommendations of new shops from others by word of mouth and have to visit the actual store to receive product catalogues. [...]

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Top 10 Products to Buy on Cyber Monday in Augmented Reality

Given Augment's presence in retail, it was only right that we chimed in on Cyber Monday. This past week is one of the most active for both retail merchants and shoppers. Whether it's time to buy gifts for the holidays or you're catching up on your wish list, there are tons of deals available online on [...]

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10 Use cases of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Over recent years, marketers have been keen on utilizing augmented reality (AR) to engage their customers with innovative experiences. In fact, the application of AR in marketing overcomes the many shortcomings that the conventional methods bear. Brands are using AR to help interact with customers in real life circumstances, from a fun gaming experience to [...]

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Introducing the Augment SDK

Today, Augment is excited to announce our augmented reality SDK, now available to retailers, brands, and manufacturers alike who want to leverage AR to better their shopping experience for consumers. When Augment was founded, our goal was to merge the real and virtual seamlessly through augmented reality. We wanted to bring the most realistic way [...]

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How Augmented Reality Will Change Online Shopping [Infographic]

“40% would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality.” ﹣Retail Perceptions The rapid evolution of e-commerce has created a consistent channel for retailers and brands; giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. Still, many retailers have yet to create engaging, timely experiences throughout [...]

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Interview Series: ConsumerAffairs Talks Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

There was once a time when virtual reality just referred to the Google Cardboard and that distant past was only just a few months ago. Since, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have drastically progressed in the past year, amongst a variety of industries. Virtual reality specifically has a selection of options on the [...]

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Collaborate Easily with Augment’s Shared Folder Permissions

Our users often tell us how collaborating on projects helps move things forward. It’s common for multiple people and departments to be involved behind the scenes of augmented reality product visualization - project managers, designers, sales managers, and the field force. We decided there needed to be a way for teams to more easily collaborate [...]

How VR and AR Have Changed Online Shopping For Good

In recent years, e-commerce has seen considerable success and is now, by and large, an integral part of our lifestyles. In fact, in 2015, online shopping giant Amazon eclipsed the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, in terms of valuation. Given the convenience of online shopping, the many available choices and the unbelievable discounts, it is still surprising [...]

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Augmented Reality and the Future of Marketing (Whitepaper)

There are an abundance of innovative marketing tools, some enabling brands to create experiences that are not only original but highly favored among consumers. Augmented Reality (AR) is no secret to forward-thinking brands and agencies.  AR’s proven applications throughout this past year have validated the opportunity in marketing. PokèmonGo and Snapchat are anomalies because [...]

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What is Augmented Commerce?

Augmented Commerce - The buying and selling of goods using augmented reality to visualize products virtually in the real-world environment before purchasing. Augmented Reality has always been anticipated to change the way people see the world around them, but it will also revolutionize the way we shop online. Innovation in online retail is quickly advancing, [...]

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