-A complete overview of what augmented reality is and how it will revolutionize business.-

This book by Augment, a venture-backed AR enterprise software, is written to help the world understand what AR truly is, how it works, and the way it will revolutionize innovation in business.

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Learn more about how augmented reality works.


“What makes Augment’s ebook really standout is the detail to which they outline the technical process behind AR.”


Phil Voulgaris | Senior Product Marketing Manager | API Platform & Developer Services at AT&T

“A great summary of the potential for Augmented Reality in the business environment. A perfect read for marketers and sales people looking to get a quick understanding of AR.”

Amy Messenger | Managing Director | US Technology Practice, Ogilvy

What’s inside?

Following this augmented reality book, we will give you everything you need to know about augmented reality and how it applies to business, including:

  • What is Augmented Reality?
    • Current Landscape
    • Discussing the leaders in AR software and hardware
  • How Augmented Reality Works? 
    • 3D Models and Processing
    • Augmented Reality SDKs
    • Tracking
    • Rendering
  • AR for Enterprise
    • How AR Applies to Enterprise
    • AR and the Business Life Cycle

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